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Nature is my catalyst. Whether taking photographs or just enjoying being outdoors, I’m always gathering ideas. I’m fascinated by the textures in nature and enjoy using different techniques in expressing them. My goal is to create an image where one can get lost in them while exploring all the rich colors, textures and details. 

When I introduced fabrics into my paintings I discovered a wealth of color, texture and dimension. The existing patterns in some of the batik fabrics resemble earth formations.

In 2010 I started taking photos again. I always loved photography and after getting a 35mm DSL I decided to use it as a starting point for my paintings. My rock studies, leaves on rocks, and flower series are from recent photographs.

I have been drawing my stick fellows for over 30 years. They have been a focal point of many of my early pen and ink works. They started out as somewhat Native American and changed over the years to what they are today. They are my guides in many ways. I always draw the stick fellows first.  They then take me to whatever type of landscape they wish to dwell.

I mainly use Batik fabrics, tea bags, embroidery threads and sometimes pen & ink and watercolors

Each part of my process is a different journey, in which I lose myself in the endless possibilities. 

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